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🆕 Floral Crop Top (Available in 3 colors!! 😻) – 👆Wil do a video of all th 3pieces, as well as
postings on myCarousell 🎠 tomorrow, along with bodysuits!👇
Currently Üpdatin’ .. .
Okie this is th 2nd colour!! 😺
3rd color!!! 😽

时间,会给你最好的答案 💕

A lil’ mix of 2 songs, juz like how contrasting this G-shock baby is 😽 。
Video of my🆕 G-shock! 😍😍 – love th contrast & everything subtle.
Have You Ever Missed Someone Soooo Badly?? “
Becoz.. . They.. .
They.. . .. .
Still Owe You $$!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 (watch 👀 till th end!😛)

Currently.. .😺

Haven’t finished my late dinner, now gg through th items.. . Bringin’ in afew new Bodysuit designs 😽
[iNNer voice: i❤️ th above bodysuit design but unfortunately, OOS for all th colors! 😿]

Freak Me Baby

This was supposed to be th song 😻😻for th upcoming choreo class i signed 🆙 but.. . 😰 was changed to another song title.
Nvm, hopefully 🙏🙏 it will be used f. last term of 2019!! 😃


Cos 💜 Jan 2020
Tryin’ out a few cos for Jan 2020.. . This one i will list out iN my CarouSELL 😊。

//Findin’ D24

Th nature of my day job allows me t travel to our 27 branches & this is definitely ONE OF MY FAV. BRANCH!! 😊💕
Guess where?? 🤔
Hint :👇
There’s an eatery within every 500m.. .” Gosh!!
And here’s th Durian Fiesta! 😋😋

//Remember to drink lotsa TAP 🚰 / saltwater (to cool down) after feasting 😽。

Okie, headin’ t BBQ w/my #1314cheenapolebabes! 😍

Boohoo Bandage Bodysuit (One Shoulder) #Pink 🌸

Bought 2 sizes & lettin’ go th UK8 – //love its cut & th P🌸nk! 💕
Do drop me a note at myContact form if you are keen to get this or any further enquiry, alternatively you can check out th listings under myCarouSELL! 😽

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Pink 🌸iN th Midst oF Warzone

Bfore housework, shun bian (soon soon) at th same time but take very th lonnnng time snap pix for uploadin’ to myCarouSELL! 😛🙃
Sortin’ out my Cosplay stuff.. . & decided afew sets tat i will bring for my shoot iN Jan 2020 🤫。
Th rest i will put 🆙in myCarousell & hope to find ’em a new 🏠💖。

[Üpdatin’] S☀️NDAY

Finally! Managed t complete most of myCarouSELL deliveries 🚚 today!! .. . 🤩🙃

[Inner voice: actually i still have leave balance from last year’s + a couple of days-off, could utilise it 🤔.. . And keep this year’s 28 days till next year’! 💭 ✈️ #triptomalaysia #withteammates #2020 #cosplay

Song : That’s What i Like (Bruno Mars)
What else could be better than t do warm-up like these (after th deliveries) and plus
i dun wan to ka-jiao🥚🥚while he’s preparin’ salted-eggs prawn.. . 😛
i didn’t realize until i read th review AFTER.. “
iT feels F’ AWESOME when a buyer turns out to be.. . my blog reader!
Awwwwwww ☺️

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