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6 Dec 2019 • Friday 📆
Yellow 💛 Bodysuit
Screenshot f/📹 : they should have moreeee colors!!!! 🎨
4 Dec 2019 • Wed 📆
🤩 11 days to DC Photoshoot!!!!!!! 🙏🙏。
Haven’t revised my moves yet.. . 🙃

🎄iT’s NOT easy to find a DATE 📆 where all of us can gather & dang dang!!

Luckily i haven’t book th air tickets 🎟️ so can change date but BEST can squeeze in a Batam staycation! Wheeeee 😽
Drawin’ th “Names” which we will fulfil one of their wish-lists!
#1314cheenapolebabes & families
Kimono 👘!!!!
More bodysuits!! 🤩
Japanese One Piece Swimsuit – a simple thin piece (unpadded) . And
Japanese One Piece Swimsuit
i thot this would be a surprise for Dandan 🥚🥚 but it turned out to be a shock!! 🙃 siao liao lorrrr..
He’s upset i didn’t ask him bfore i buy <先斩后奏> but i thot iwanted to buy and make him happy 😄🐮😸😀
So i explained why i spent sooooooo much on these bedsheets。🗣️💬💬💬 i will do a video to xplain when i change it.
i should also ask him next time and not assume。
Okie at last he 😊😊。
And.. . i bought these for Mon – Sunday – PH! Ha 😂
Do You Know? Pink 🌸 used to be a BOY’s color!!!
30 Nov 2019 : At #verypetfriendly #cafewithphotoscene Sun Ray CaFe!
ez🔥Naughty White Bikini set 👙
Good for HOT SUMMER beaches 🏖️ thou i use for dancing like this 😂。
Am wearin’ th bottom in this video [☺️ one thing for sure: you will never find a pic/video of me in bikini- show way toooo much skin at one shot- i know it sounds unbelievable 🙃 but yay that’s my limit。]
This whole week is insane!! But insanely good in a way la 😽
Sorry sorry, my bad for all these 。
🤔 : i dun have white flowy dress 👗 so i can wear white shorts as replacement ha!
Prep for tomorrow photoshoot!!!! 😽
TGiF➡️ iMHÖ :
th most worthy splurge that only serves to soothe YOUR BODY & SOUL 😴💕。

26 – 29 Nov : iN th midst of.. ..
🆕 item! 🚨
Jap-style One Piece Swimsuit
Hot 🔥 Sexy Air Candy Costume [Cosplay / Uniform/ Roleplay]

Material :
Cotton + Polyester + Spandex
Package included: Dress, Headgear, Gold Neck Scarf, Stockings
Tight fitting w/some stretch

Sizing : Best fit S-M babes
You may want to wear a black 🖤 tube or juz be yoursellf!! ☺️

👆One of my favourite Thai 🇹🇭 🎶 which i used to set as my ringtone!! 😻

Link to myCarousell 🎠 👇
This is.my 1st time wearing Cheongsam, the unconventional cheongsam ha! 😽
Link to myCarousell 🎠 👇
*REMÏX version*
18 Nov [Mon] : Bfore BKT. Dinner ❤️
F1 Sexy Race Queen COSplay Costume. 🏁
18 Nov [Mon] : Somethin’ to consider for X’mas?? 😽
🤔 1) Th vibrant colors will make warm this outfit for X’mas!!🎄😽
2) Unlike th shorts, this 👗design can be worn out for casual dates/outings!
3) Head-turning rate (回头率)
People are generally MORE forgiving when you show legs, if you show too much cleavage; you are DEAD 💀。” LOL
Th below 👇 video shows how you can pair with a simple jacket!! 😽
Link to myCarousell 🎠 >>
*ORIGÏNAL version*
18 Nov [Mon] : Bfore BKT. Dinner ❤️
This song is for th 🐦🕊️ [😛]
Silky 🖤 Cheongsam!
Link to myCarousell 🎠 👇
17 Nov [Sun] • evening 🌃 : Goin’ downstairs to buy market sundries & such a good weather ☁️thus decided to walk 2️⃣ rounds!!
17 Nov [Sun] • morning 🌞 : Early message from a return customer!! Awww 😽
Thank you Thank you for your repeated purchases!! 🙏🙏💕
And also.. . #天佑香港 #香港加油 🕊️
Link to myCarousell 🎠 >>
15 Nov [Fri] : TGiF!! My loves 😽
Took a few shots juz now of new Teddy 🐻 Bodysuit designs / Costumes for upcoming festive moods & wil upload more later & post the items in myCarousell 🎠!
This X’mas, let’s forget about Santarina, try something different k? 😛
Sidetracked a lil‘.. .
Ladies & Gentlemen, welc💕m to Bangkok Thailand! 🇹🇭
Full-length mirror inside St. Regis 🏨
Almost.. .
无论你是拖鞋党,Nike ✔️跑步鞋党或Ferragamo高跟党的; 他们都一视同仁。
One of th best hotel 🏨 for staycation! 💕
Can you come down?
Wait ah.. “
One of my most unforgettable memories at Toa Payoh!
Link to blogpost ⬇️
In th midst of everything.. .
That time at Bangkok Sukhumvit airport, th airport officer asked me which country i RETURNED (🙅not came) from? 😽
Lai Lai.. . 💕
Juz received these msgs – 1 from IG, 1 from this blogsite.iscrolled to read some of the past messages and several <unconventional> thoughts ran through my mind..

1st Thank you!! Thank you!! 🙏🙏 i will answer that later.

On Keepin’ fit : Many will say ask the doctor what to eat, yes but besides diet, the doctor might have other means (like goin’ gym/takin’ supplements) etc which we might not be able to afford so I ask my office janitor what she eats daily because she only have X no. of annual leave but yet she hardly takes MC and even able to do OT when needed. So she share with me her diet and a must – pineapple juice because their work are rather hazardous (like washing toilets) so the juice can cleanse.
On 🥚🥚 : Yes, he’s my 1st bf and still the same one after XX years. In today’s context, this is considered “scary” bcoz nowadays most people dun give a fuck on being committed.
On Life experiences : Iam the only one in my family clan without a degree (I only completed 1st year ) but life experiences many many and now to think back, iam grateful for th different experiences bcoz it taught me a lot a lot. So never never give up!! 💪

On Relationships : This is the most complex topic out of the whole universe.. . iN my Carousell section 🎠, I wrote “Buyin’ a bodysuit is cheaper than seeing a marriage counsellor.”

Perhaps you need unconventional methods to deal with complex topics, juz a thought 🤔 that : ROM should include a segment by divorce lawyer in their pre-wedding prep workshops. Why? A divorce lawyer will tell you  how many percent, how much, how long, etc to settle your case and you realize it’s all about numbers whereas in a marriage (ROM), it’s about vows, loving and promises to stand by each other (no matter what) – see the difference? So this should make us cherish our partners/defend our relationships and most important our love is not CHEAP and NO numbers can determine the value of your love. That said, the only exception is physical violence.  
This one made me teared. One of the mornings while on the way to work inside the MRT, in front of me stood this mum who was gently wiping her daughter’s face (an adult) as she wanted to step out of the station door – the daughter seem a lil’ awkward  We often hear people around us complaining about their parents’ nagging but lil’ did they know HOW FORTUNATE they are!! I confessed I once secretly took a selfie with one of my babes’ mum becoz I felt the motherly love in her.. haha

Dandan🥚🥚said now he’s my father cum mother LOL – most of the time I call him Dandan but if not, I call him 爹 (background playin’ the ancient music) haha 😽
Thank you!! 🙏🙏
I respect you for th roles you played in your life。
Thank you!! 🙏🙏 I didn’t expect a message from my follower in Carousell 🎠! Sorry for my tardy response (like always 😂)。
You are superrrr patient!

How Do You View Th World?
If despite our painful experiences/mistakes/
uncontrolled environmental factors, we still view as a BEAUTIFUL 🌎, then you will see the beauty, the positive side, the bigger picture in everything you do / interact with
If you don’t, then please go Popular bookstore and buy a bigger globe and view again..  hahahaha
<To be continued>


Many people are lookin’ forward to this 📆 , are you??

i feel NOT 😅😅 bcoz it’s like everywhere (bfore this date) you are bein’ bombarded 💣💣💣💣 w/ SPECIAL deals happenin’ at this very day (unless you are waitin’ for this moment)!!

And no matter how i look at it, 11 11 doesn’t seem like Singles’ Day!

Okie nvm iam takin’ th day to update all my *outstanding posts then to set one password for afew sensitive posts ☺️ then th rest to public (in case some of you wonder) – i will share th password 🔑 in my IG later。

If i have not replied you yet, iam sorry. Some of your emails went to my Spam box。If i have not replied you at all, iam terribly sorry, but you should know me well & not be upset with me haha 😛

Omgggg it’s LESS than 2 months bfore we welcome 2020!!!!

Protected: “This is soooo You!!” – Yellow 💛 Race Queen Set 🏁

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Protected: iF We Have Met You [LoFT] Earlier.. .

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Still-nniversary ☺️

We had a simple meal at home but i decided to give him a surprise trip this Dec!! Ha 😻

Sorry Dandan🥚🥚, i can’t guarantee i won’t give any more headache (LOL 😂).. . But i will (try my best) to make oür sky a beautiful one。🌈
One of th evening view 💕

#myfirstbf #谢谢你的爱 #欠你的今生confirmed还不清 #thankGodforhismercyonawretchedsinnerlikeme 🙏🙏

Gatecrash! w/Ünicorn 🦄

A 🦄 B’day Surprise! For our #1314cheenapolebabe – this is a VERY SPECIAL cake.. . but actually this was not th intended design I had in mind.. .
iN fact it was a totally different one (not Unicorn) and I am very very very particular becoz it’s for SOMEONE special (if for myself, ican go supermarket and buy Sara Lee cake & eat – by the way the Sara Lee cake taste very nice haha😛) okie but the baker wasn’t able to so.. nvm in fact I think Unicorn is perfect because Unicorn has magical powers and heals sickness etc and best, they 🦄 can flyyyy! 😽
We “gate-crashed” them at Supply & Demand @Esplanade! 😛
Supply & Demand @Esplanade!
Supply & Demand @Esplanade!
Supply & Demand @Esplanade!

Protected: 新不了情 • 北京一夜

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Negotiator / Big 👄 / Long hair ➡️ Bingo!

What is your UC 🔢??
1st time readin’ my profile type #2 (based on your UC #) from th below video- & LOLedddd!! 😂😂

[1] A Negotiator ☮️ (yes recently i invented a word called “cham-siong-able” – my teammates will know& laugh 😉)
[2] Mostly have a bigger mouth 👄 size!!🙊
[3] Mostly keep long hair ☺️
[4] 💯% original🤘
[5] ANTI-silicon/botox/plastic surgery 😎
Th founder shared a lil’ on UC #2, #4, #6 & #8。It’s also said these profiling of personality types are at least 90% accurate 😽。
Sortin’ out my wardrobe.. .
[iNNer voice : Sort out a few pieces, dance 2 min; like dat how to finish?? 😛🤣🤣]
#preloves #brandnewwithtags

//iFyou are still outside right now, please do go back early & rest。 [iNNer voice : people who usually said these, are th ones who dun rest early one 😂]

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