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[🆙datin’!!!!] iF You Could Change Something About (February).. .

What would iT be?? 🤔

Was checkin’ out some places and found this GREAT spot for outdoor photoshoot! 🙂

That reminds me, ihave not replied th great awesome photographer who took our group pix!! Paiseh sorry!!
LiFe take us to unexpected places sometimes 💕”

Available at myCarouSELL!! 🤩👉

[🆙datin’] 情人节 💙 • 清明节💣

13 Feb 2020 : Settin’ th trend for 2020 haha! 😎
讲真的,只要我们不弄我们的 partner du-lan (DL)的话;其实每天都是情人节 💕。
#珍惜眼前人 <<对不起>>

<Edited – so you get th drift>
借问酒家何处有?旁人遥指 <

[🆙datin’] NEW Uniform!

Finally, this is the full version of Mr Redwan Ali’s Bitter Love
@2:38 – you can hear TCS artiste, Jacelyn Tay’s voice = th song is recorded directly from th TV episode, despite petition to MediaCorp for Mr Redwan Ali to release an album.etc.
🤔 : What happens when you need to wear many hats in-between th day??
很多说法是 :行为间接影响态度 – 但我却认为:“态度决定一切。“

所以,你对某件事 的态度也会影响你对之处理的行为。 乐观的人 《 包括从鬼门关重生的  》的心态极为重要,面临攸关时,告诉自己:“这个坎,始终会过去的。”

I do not have Paylah! PayNow, currently only have PayMeLater or PayMeNextTime 😂 so at times it can be quite inconvenient

But .. . With PayPal, you
Click to create a PayPal account (if you haven’t) 👇
When you have t rush straight to th stadium 🏟️ after work, what would you put inyour bag 👜??
UP 👆in my Carousell 🎠🔜!!

[🆙datin’]🆕 Hotel Staycation in JB!

*🆙datin’ th Blog Menu bars.. .

Blessed with superb location (juz minutes away from JB customs), this newly opened hotel is one good choice to consider for a staycation across th Causeway.

Quick Fact :
Hotel size : 316 rooms [39 floors]
Other than th normal basic amenities, these are some good home comforts to have 🙂
• Iron/ironing board
• Microwave
• Laundry service
• Cooking facilities

[🆓Shuttle Buses!] ↙️
Johor Bahru City Square – 19 min walk
KSL City Mall – 32 min walk
Komtar JBCC – 24 min walk
R&F Mall – 12 min walk
*Mid Valley Mall

[🆙datin’] From Sleep ➡️ Street

1️⃣ satin top = many ways of wearing 😀

[🆙dating] Finallllllly.. .

Thank you thank you 😀and yes, i will do more blog challenges in 2020!! 🤩

**Updatin * Bitter Love full version**

Finally a rational opinion that resonates with me!! 
Link to the full article by Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib >> https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156971021647825&id=690397824

🍊🍊 – one oFmy fav emojis

My Dears, no matter where you are.. .
Please stay safe & REMEMBER TO CONSTANTLY drink lotsa water🙏🙏。
My 1st 💭 : Deep.. .
Sibei Deep Soaking Tub

[🆙dating] 迟来的.. . 新年快乐!! 💕🙏🙏

№ word can explain what’s on my mind when capturing this moment!!! This moment is beyond any vocabulary/adjectives 😻
👉 should be here!
[iNNer voice : Plan A /PlanB / Plan C/五味杂陈]
//🙏 pardon th random clothings 😀


亲, 新年快乐!

感觉 2019 年过的实在太快, 仿佛一直在跟时间赛跑。因为想和同时做但却忘了任凭谁,每天也都只有24 小时。所以 actually 讲真的, BY th right 我应该每天都拥有超过24 小时的时间。 哈哈!😛
今年2020 年,这个 Happy 🆕 Year  来的迟些。

<< 2020 年1 月6 日 >>
献给拥有 跟爱情海一样, 


He asked me to come back 🏠 early today ➡️ turns out he wanted to give me a surprise!!!! 😀

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