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[Draft] 🆕 Bodysuits | Shorts | Mobile Casings & Moreeee

18 Oct (Fri) : Last minute practice bfore th 🆕term starts next Tüe。
iN a way, also prep f warmin’ up for my intended poses for Dec photoshoot! 😽
My 1st time puttin’ 🆙 this System Maintenance message. iN th past, when i was using Blogger /WordPress, th maintenance message auto appeared without any pre-warning.
This time, it’s different 🙂
And i feel different too.. . 😂siao!
Comic version 😽
❤️ BULLS Sporty Varsity Bodysuit ❤️
Size : S (Good stretchy material!)
Link below 👇
1st of all, my sincere apologies 🙏🙏 to those who msg me in CarouSELL but have yet to receive a reply. Sorry sorry, will definitely reply all of you by today! 🙏🙏

And this latest one is interesting bcoz i dunno wat 🤔 “things” you heard 🤔 ?? i am curious also LOL haha 😛
Link to CarouSELL! 🎠
🔙 to doin’ Blog Challenge!
Thu 10 Oct : Today is “Teng Teng” 10 Oct so Bodysuit Specials! 😽
Link to Carousell 🎠
🌞 Sun 6 Oct 😽 : How To Actually Enjoy Housework 🏠
– From Chambermaid to Football Cos 👕
1) Listen to music 🎶
2) Do it bfore shower 🚿
3) iF at best, when you’re alone so nobody ka-jiao you 😛。
4) Think of how it would look like after completion / who you are doin’ iT for ☺️。。 dang dang! 🔮
5) Make fun moments eg when mopping, think 🤔 of th mop as a calligraphy 🖌️。
6) Take your own time. Don’t rush iT so you can relax。
7) Sing a song / Dance! Yay 🙌 / or do whatever that motivates you!! 😽
//⚽ Football Cheerleading Cos Jersey set • As shown.iN th above video
Check out th rest.oF designs here!
Received this message from one of the studio babe weeks back。Apparently we have not met bfore but she have my number (think from our FB group) and I 1st thought she wanna borrow my pole stuff (pole shorts la, heels la, whatever juz take LOL) and in fact, part of #1314cheenapolebabes friendship was formed bcoz of a pair of yellow shorts I gave my dear Ah-Bel during pole prac! :DD

Okie but that’s not the case. SO she hope I can help by click this link to follow /like this page so that she stands a chance to win some stuff.

😎 : If there’s ONE word in which the meaning has changed significantly, it would be.. ..


< 🤔🤔 > why are some people/companies nowadays soooo INTENSELY focused on the no. of “likes” or “followers”???? One 1️⃣ drop in the like or follower will affect their moods. It’s very scary but I said it’s VERY STUPID / BODOH.
This “following / likes” phenomenon become like a standard protocol, especially for online media/service industries. I remembered one of the year COUNTDOWN, we together with my #1314cheenapolebabes & partners, we were happily walkin’ around in XXXXXX (bfore heading to Ly’s office for countdown)
Then, there was this booth which was doing promo and asked us to :
1) Fill up a form (for the voucher redemption) 2) IMPORTANT : MUST Follow XXXXXX in IG
3) Then click “Like” or something
4) That’s all!! And in return, you will be given a $10 voucher.
SO all my babes were happily fillin’ in the form. I was lookin’ at the form and I dun feel like taking part.. somemore my IG account is a private one so I thought I can use that as “excuse” not to take part.

Then the enthusiastic staff encouraged me to and said: “Never mind, you can change to public and “Follow” then after that, you can change back to private, because we need to see that YOU FOLLOWED US. Period.
Upon hearin’ tat, ALL THE MORE I DON”T WANT TO TAKE PART!! >.<

HAHAHA okie it’s quite funny to think of it now but at that time, I was quite “pek-chek” but then aiya end of year Countdown, you know, okie la so I DID THAT. I filled out the form blah blah and dang, the staff gave me the voucher. And the next thing I do, I click “UNFOLLOW”. Hahaha but  but but the most dulan thing is.. i misplaced the voucher!! 😂

A simple click on the “Follow” is so damnnnn easy these days and in fact many are HOPING/BEGGING/TOLONG you <from contests to redemption to all kinds of creative ideas> to follow them to boost their internet presence. Maybe iam not in marketing/private sector, so pardon my ignorance. However I felt such followings (I strongly stressed NOT ALL but SOME) are like from “House of th Living Dead”. You juz follow for the sake of following or some instant gratification.

If your product / service / content is good, people will AUTO WANT to follow you (or try to find you & follow! @_@) and not the other way round. So a tactic in digital age, Yes BUT is that REALLLL??  The numbers (yes very nice) to put in report to meet KPIs to determine your online presence but at the end of day, it’s meaningless if it’s not executed with th orginal intent inmind.
[Üpdatin‘. . .]
1️⃣ Lacy Bunny Ears Headband 🐇
3️⃣ Different Öutfits
Sat 5 Oct : 🌈
🌞 Sün 29 Sep : Another 🆕 bödysuit
💚 Made in Taiwan 💚
**Will list it tonite.. .
SOLD!! 😽
Wëd 25 Sep : öF bödysuit, kimono 👘 & fuchsia pink 🌸 shorts
Tüe 24 Sep : yesterday nite tryin’ out my 🆕 black 🖤 shorts w/leopard teddy bodysuit 🐆.
i tried afew different fittings of th shorts & this is by far th most most most comfy!! 😽
And th background is th current very popular C-Pop song “野狼 disco“ ! (yes C-Pop, not K-Pop) 。This is th remix 💕version.
Mon 23 Sep : Sellin’ a 🆕 set of iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Quote me your BEST Price!

But № 🙅🙅 ridiculous offers please.
Scroll below ⬇️ for th actual pix.
…. …
… ..
.. .


Haha gotcha!!!! 😛😽
Becareful of th haze & drink lotsa water okie!!
Üpdates-videos iN-progress
Video Snippets – Part 1
🌞Day@22 Sep : And they have arrived!! 😻😻
Limited pieces! Hot 🔥 Pink Mesh Tops
i dun have XTRA pieces to customize but otherwise.. . It will be 😽😛
Sun 🌞 Lunch : Bangkok Wanton Mee (w/lots of lup cheong 😻😻😋😋)
18 Sep : Washed my hair TWICE today.. . The sweat is real!! 😽
Short clip of th Black 🖤 Satin Kimono 👘
[iNNer voice : tryin’ t avoid big movements butttt it’s Freak Me Baby awwww 😻😻]。
Available in Red ❤️ / Pink 🌸 as well 😽。
Will update with th CarouSELL links shortly.
i found it unbelievable when i 1st received this Carousell msg – “buy” passwords?? etc then subsequently other unique requests, 👇are a few examples.
Until recently i was told that someone’s sellin’ my videos.. .

From 17 直播 ➡️ Bigo ➡️ Patreon,
my faithful youuuu have asked me to try these paying platforms especially Patreon, so it’s dedicated for people who enjoy my posts + more exclusive content & etc.
i appreciate th good thoughts of you guys but i don’t wish to.. . 。Thus i hope th person don’t sell it anymore. Thank you.
Mon (16 Sep) : Black 🖤 Satin Kimono 👘 Dresses!!
✔️ Good quality material.
✔️ Best fit petite babes!!
*i love this piece very very much but it’s way toooo short for my height 😿.
FBT shorts (assortment of colors 🌈)
Most enquiries for black & white colors
**Do note all are CURVED cuts 😽 (i do have a few squarecut as well)
One of my fav FBT color 😽。
Short shorts!!
8 Sep 2019 (Sun) : It muz have been a lazzzzy 🌞day for most of you :).
After 🏠work, i managed to clear aaaa bit of my wardrobe 🙃🙃 okie 😛
Here’s one floral miniskirt which i haven’t worn yet.. . & thot to 🆙load iN my Carousell 🎠
And my FBTs shorts as well 😽。
🔗Link >> https://sg.carousell.com/p/249768223

“iT’s rainin’ heavily outside.. You wanna come iN & have a hot drink + roti prata (w/curry 🍛& sugar)??”
Sellin’ th DENIM colors 💙
Available NOW!.at

*Best Fit mini 🍑, 🙅Not-For-Pomelo*
⚠️: iF you have sexy 🍑 like #NickiMinaj then these ultra mini shorts are not suitable for you. You will cause heavy 🚥 traffic jam.
You need Anaconda 🙊
Excitedly 😻 tried on this pair of new gorgeous baby! iT comes with a warning ⚠️ label that it’s strictly for show time/dancing purposes.
🚫Not 🙅 For Walking.🚫
BFORE : 167cm
AFTER : 189cm
Butttt i felt or at least i thought i can walk better than i dance.. K nvm try again😸。
#icantouchtheceiling #itsalittlebitloose
Currently üpdatin’ myCarousell + blog + 📹
//Replyin’ your PMs + üpdatin’ at th same time.. .. . My apologies again。 🙏🙏

“Clothes have no hanging appeal” – i thought out of th three, this would be th least fav color, until.. i tried it on or rather i tried all th colors! LOL 😽
i wish they have this in other colors as well!! 😽
[Full video shortly]
2 of my teammates have applied for sponsorship for their Masters. i pray 🙏🙏 they will get it!! 😺
Knowledge is th only thing tat th 🌎 CAN’T take away from you.
🧐🧐 Spot th White Doraemon!
25 Aug 2019 : Üsually i handwash all his clothes (you can’ save alot alot of water) but tdy, there’s additional 2 pairs of jeans.. Ñ 🥚🥚 was very very happy bcoz he didn’t expect i finished washin’ everythin’ .. . 😽 #washingistherapeutic #bcozistillhavethingstodo
[iNNer voice : Please your partner, everything will be a breeze; Piss your partner, nothing will be swee swee.。😛 agreed?? ]

My apologies to those who asked questions iN my Carousell 🎠 & yet received a reply。🙏
ANYway, i seldom or rarely wear jeans these days so am lettin’ go these 2 pairs of 👖。
24 Aug 2019 : Combined video iN both Elf Neon 💙 Teddy Pink + White Purple 💜 Teddy Bodysuit!

NEXT ⏭️ Leopard Prints +White/Red Teddy Bodysuits 🐻 😽
21 Aug 2019 : iN this White Purple 💜 Teddy Bodysuit
Yay 🙌 completed our audit interview today!!!! 🙏🙏
Part of th reason why i cancelled th whole week’s leave.. .
i created this tag 👉 #chamxiong-able (negotiable in layman language 😽)
20 Aug 2019 : High-cut Black Bodysuit (Available in 4 or 5 different colors/designs)
Let me check..
BLACK 🖤 is Everyone Favourite Color!!
Good quality bodysuit in high cut. You can wear it on its own or pair w/mini hot shorts.
⭐⭐№ matter what shape you are, black 🖤 gives an INSTANT slimming effect!! 😛

i won’t compromise for quality so you can be (quite ahem) assured/guaranteed of the stuff i recommend!
A few in-stocks. Pre-orders in MY CarouSELL 🎠 later tonite so let me know if you are interested!! 😽

High-cut Race 🏁 Bodysuit | Available in black / colors.

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Protected: Freak Me Baby

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//Findin’ D24

Th nature of my day job allows me t travel to our 27 branches & this is definitely ONE OF MY FAV. BRANCH!! 😊💕
Guess where?? 🤔
Hint :👇
There’s an eatery within every 500m.. .” Gosh!!
And here’s th Durian Fiesta! 😋😋

//Remember to drink lotsa TAP 🚰 / saltwater (to cool down) after feasting 😽。

Okie, headin’ t BBQ w/my #1314cheenapolebabes! 😍

Boohoo Bandage Bodysuit (One Shoulder) #Pink 🌸

Bought 2 sizes & lettin’ go th UK8 – //love its cut & th P🌸nk! 💕
Do drop me a note at myContact form if you are keen to get this or any further enquiry, alternatively you can check out th listings under myCarouSELL! 😽

Pink 🌸iN th Midst oF Warzone

Bfore housework, shun bian (soon soon) at th same time but take very th lonnnng time snap pix for uploadin’ to myCarouSELL! 😛🙃
Sortin’ out my Cosplay stuff.. . & decided afew sets tat i will bring for my shoot iN Jan 2020 🤫。
Th rest i will put 🆙in myCarousell & hope to find ’em a new 🏠💖。

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Protected: My “work permit” has been REVOKED?? & yes, iam from Thai 🇹🇭 🙏

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Protected: Chapalang Updates // Gettin’ back t CarouSELL 🦄

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