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[🆙datin’] Rules of Kitchen 🖤 厨房的孙子兵法 👨‍🍳

And NOTHING to do with recipes.. . 😛

厨房 – 比主人房重要。

厨房 – 要么散发香味😊,要么充满火药味☠️ 。

8 August 2020 | D’ Masterchef showed me How-To-Peel quail eggs f our steamboat dinner 🍽️ *winks* x2 🤤🤤
A nicely peeled quail egg ~ by D’ Masterchef 👨‍🍳
My, badly peeled one & 2️⃣ & 3️⃣🙈

🤔 Maths Q: 👇
Both Dandan & Zhenna each have a basket of 1️⃣ kg of quail eggs to peel.
Th basket weighs 400g, th net weight of th quail eggs (after peeling) is 800g。
What is th total weight of the quail eggs inside both th baskets (after both of them have peeled theirs) ??

Model answer 😎 :
Net weight of quail = 800g
Weight of basket = 400g
Total weight = (800g + 400g) x 2 = 2400g ~ 2.4kg

Real life answer 🤣🤣 :
Net weight of quail = 800g
Weight of basket = 400g
Dandan 👨‍🍳 = 800g + 400g = 1200g
Zhenna🌞 = 500g + 400g = 900g
Total weight = 1200g + 900g = 2100g ~ 2.1kg

[🆙datin’ | Aug ❤️ 1st post]

💕 Sawadeekup 🙏🙏
1 Aug 2020 (Today) is Collection Day!
More tees|jerseys|flannel tops 👕👕👕👕 👔👔👔f #rework!!!!
Another wayy t wear your reworked crop tee /jersey!🥳


So so happppy to catch-up w/my bestie! 💕
#1314cheenapolebabes #reunitedneverfeltsogoodlikethis
Süper über love th ~vibrant orange~!! 🍊🍊
Available in Red ❤️

New Location f(📸 Photoshoot)!

👀 Soooo near my work location yet i never knew this place existed nor once stepped in here!!!!
Very tranquil & 🤔 of th concept for 📸
Collected this gorgeous Pepsi cropped jerseyy 😻😻bb& th owner took a boomerang in their iG stories dang dang!
📣📢 Special SHOUTOUT to for their uniquely sought after & MM MOST MOST IMPORTANT.. . AUTHENTIC JERSEYS
👇Check out their iG 👇


Forgot to snap a pic of th jersey, here youu go!

好满的Monday 🌞

Mon evening view 💕
JJuz sold another black 🖤 lace bodysuit (design as below) to a 💯% super awesome buyer!!!!
Exxxtremely polite, i feel so chor-lor myself 🤣🤣🤣🤣 & of course, nothing beats to receive another compliment!!!! Thank youu ☺️🙏🙏
iN-stocks still available for Black 🖤 & possibly Off-White colors!! 🤩

👇Clickk this video link to view how-it-look when worn 👇

GE2020 | CALL OUT MY NAME! | 蟋蟀物语

*Theory of Kitchen & Reworked Tee 👕 will be iN th next post.

And he juz asked me.. . “WHEN”?
Had a chat w/one of th dedicated Carouseller & she devoted 16 hours daily to keep up w/th trends & sales stuff. This is her full-time so i guess it’s easier (of course not easy) compared to us. But never never give up 💪💪
Paiseh I still utang outstanding a couple of enquiries and esp th FBT shorts (am gg down to th warehouse one of these days) sorry sorry.
She also shared with me about using Instagram platform (along w/Carousell), which i have a love-hate relationship with.. . While i (still) refuse to succumb to th iG algorithm, i will use this public iG account to complement my Carousell; as well as random iG stories, Chapalang posts stuff etc 🥳。
Do you own any CHECKERED 🏁 skirt?
Saw afew familiar faces 🙂🙂🙂🙂 but sorry can’t talk 🤫🤐
Wanted to üpload another pix but after some hesitation, i posted in my private IG instead.
Deeply grateful for th opportunity to be part of this, with such a great team!!!! 🙏🙏
Yes, yes okie – another i-dunno-who but gathered from my Carousell? 🙂
10 July 2020 [Fri] 23:17 : Juz came back & having my 🤤🤤dinner while watchin’ th updates.. .
It’s a great experience 🤩 to be part of this election, workin’ w/other Min.staff & learnin’ from th rest.
Sorry stopped awhile ✋
i juz scream my lungs out。。

Okie Üpdate shortly.. .
9 July 2020 [Thu] : This is my 1st time involved in Election Day Polling duties. iam
☑️ 1% nervous,
☑️ 99% honoured & excited. 🙏🙏
#GE2020 #havefaith
#allthesbestforourhome #wecandoit
Rid your body | mind | soul of those gutter, trashy, toxic stuff etc. Have faith & hope- Stay safe & sane, drink more liang-teh (Yeos have some good drinks) &
happy voting!!!!
Dandan got these crickets and the seller prepared a “special storage box” for them. To the birds,  these are their KFC value meal set 🍗 haha 🤤🤤 and the seller placed some kind of gauze underneath so by rightttt there’s no way for it to escape – but
If not for this video, Dandan don’t believe th cricket can actually make its way out!
To use  苟且偷生 is abeit insulting for these crickets actually have stronger will to live then some humans. #foodforthoughts
🙏🙏 iam both exxxxcited 🤩 & nervous 🤪
for this one 1️⃣
30 June ♣️ Sprinkled some 24K Magic tonite!
29 June 2020 ♣️ when you’ve registered for 6.45pm choreography class then realized there’s another class (another studio) of this song at 8pm #
Now i want to call out my name- wah biang oeiiii! 😬

This is such a cute piece of Tweety Bird crop top – a happy 😄 Tweety Bird until i came into its life — – and it look like an angry 😡 bulging bird on me lol 😛 — –

Thank You Notes 🙏 | Comic Video Editor 📹 | Pandan Soup

Finally th stocks have arrived & slowwwly sortin’ em’ out.. . My apologies for th tardy replies 🙃🙏🙏
Please stay safe & drink lotsa water plus ➕REMEMBER to standby masks /wetwipes etc in case. 💕
Video of my 1st Zoooom! Dance class & it was a.. . DISASTER 🤣🤣
BIG claps 👏👏 to all th rest dancers – how come they can grasp everything so fast one?? 😭😭
Kudos 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 to our teacher Ros & ihope to learn from her again in th studio! ☺️
My satin pyjamas 🐻 shipment was lost-in-transit but luckily can re-order again& hopefully it will arrive soon!!!! 🙏🙏
Here’s th gymnastics leotard w/bling bling 💎(suitable & v safe f dance/photoshoot 😊)
Off-shoulder Netted Lace Bodysuit
Available in Black | Wine Red –
Here’s th piece in Wine Red ❤️ below is th video
Tryin’ out th comic video editor 😙
it feels F*CKIN’ AWESOMEEEE 🤘 when someone loves your stuff! Haha ☺️🤩 Thank you 🙏🙏

“iF You Are Happy w/my Stuff, Please Tell Others;
iF You Are NOT, Please Tell ME & we can resolve it.. “
Don’t 🙅 tom-balek, i will punch 👊 you – 😂😁
He’s v worried i will cook more Pandan soup so he got this slowwww cooker ☺️

[SOLD] iPhone 11 | iPhone 11 Max Pro

WHITE – Arrivin’ this Thu, 21 May
If anyone keen, please PM via this link 👇


FILA | Zoom 📹

21 Apr 2020 : Updatin’ half-way & noted th extension.. *Deep breath-in* i thot i could go back warehouse to check stock of FBT shorts after a customer’s enquiry yesterday.. . Never mind, maybe i can consolidate a list of th FBT shorts (colors/sizes) – will do a separate post after this.
[iNNer voice : № matter wat inconveniences/challenges we are facing now, is nothing compared to th sufferings of th patients under th ventilators。🙏🙏]

Okie so 🔙to Fila!
Now these FILA 👟
FILA Disruptor II Platform Trainers

A must-have & great invention, Fila designed this for the comfort and mobility to suit as best as all needs. As quoted by one review :”It is th kind of shoe which appeals to the active person who needs a comfortable shoe to engage in MULTIPLE SPORTs and activities, like running, jogging and EVEN WEARING ALL DAY AT WORK. It is indeed one of the BEST WORKOUT SHOES on the market.
Currently, I have READY stocks for these sizes:
iF you have always wanted to own a FiLA pair, please don’t 🙅🙅 miss this chance esp if it’s your size!

NOW only S$180, including courier to your doorsteps.
100% authentic (bcoz iam😠 anti-fakes) and a copy of the invoice receipt will be provided.

Some of the known characteristics:
 • Long-term relationship material
 • Lace-up fastening
 • Padded for comfort
 • Fila branding
 • Chunky sole
 • Flex-groove tread
 • Easy to clean – wet cloth
Founded in 1911 by the Fila brothers in Biella, Italy, Fila packs more than 100 years of heritage into its streetwear designs.
Championed throughout the 80s & after starting life producing undergarments, its iconic designs were adopted by the Casuals movement of the 80s, the rest is streetwear history. Fila Vintage celebrates the brand’s legacy with a collection of polo shirts, track tops, T-shirts and sweatpants straight from their archives.
Lining: 100% Textile, Sole: 100% Other materials, Upper: 50% Coated leather, 50% Other materials.
*If you’re interested or any query, please click th below link 👇& leave me a message.

Thank you loves! 💋
Please drink lots of water + stay safe, sane, satisfied & sanitized! 🙏🙏
Video from 舞Ω世界👇http://flymetothemoon.com.sg/index.php/dance/
🆙datin’ th Pages tab
Zoom (original version)
💡iNNer voice : actually Dandan can do a sharing (through Zoom) on Birds 🐦🦜like wat. Kind of breed, th. Food, Vitamins & training birds for competition! 😃

Even when i replayed this video, thbirds were happily chirping LOUD!! 📢 i think they recognized their voices! Lol 😜

[Updatin’] Fly Me To Th Moon | Live Streamin’

14 Apr (Tue) 🌞 : i tried again today。
I spoke too fast 💨 so only i understand & .. . repeat 🔁x10 times 😂

Here’s th video (re-take slight better 😁)

We have not reached th peak, but that said.
Whatever goes 🆙 must come down..
Stay safe & sane 🙏🙏
CarouSELL Team sent me a message & i tried out randomly on another app. Gosh i respect those who can do Live Streaming (esp on Sales& Marketing)。Goodness! Ha 🙂

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