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[UPDATIN’] Cult oF Th Kimono

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iT’s been a lonnnng time since i literally let my hair down.. . 🙃
From chubby 👉 blonde 👉 black 🖤
幻想著嘗試中文Podcast, 哈☺️!
Th Unconventional Kimono 👘

Suit & Tie ♣️

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iMages that <often> come to your mind at th mention of Suit & Tie
However.. 🤔🤔 don’t you find it a lil’ weird or rather something’s missing??
Becoz honestly, how many people are like in real life?

Was shopping for some shirts for Dandan recently *grins* and felt something was not quite right or rather something is missing in the midst of the not-so-many-shoppers crowd, the fanciful male mannequins etc.. . Then i realized.. .

…. …

… ..

.. .
Yessss!!!! Dang Dang, this is iT!! 😻😻

Now we know & HATE skinny mannequins becoz WHO TH HELL CAN EVERRRR fit into dat kind of idealized body shape?? iF 一種米養百種人的話,that means 我們會有很多不一樣的 body shapes leh:


ANd seriously aside from aesthetical reasons, stores should also have (different) mannequins to showcase how their products will look ~
iNNer Voice: “Don’t go for a guy with six pack abs, bcoz often (90%) six-pack-abs guys zxx-bx-lxx <做沒有鳥的> one, worst you’ll realize SIX DOZEN BOXES of tissues are aint enough for you to wipe your tears.。 。”
LiFE is short, thus choose NOT th 6️⃣-pac ONE;
but th BELLY RiGHT ONE 💕
SHoot this iN the early mornin’ like 7am so how-to-LOVE-&-AVOID-th-harsh-sunlight?

Th 🆕 definition of Suit & Tie, thou a black 🖤 l/s top would seem better ~ nvm will snap a pix next time when i wear iT 😀


Met up w/this really nice buyer 👍👍👍👍 & iam deeply humbled whenever they shared their xperiences (good one please ah lol 😛) + read this Chapalang blog as well haha ☺️
Thank youu very much for your support!! 😽🙏🙏
Another review from a super nice babe who has purchased three 3️⃣ times from me!!!! 🤩 #thouwehavenevermet #ifonlyEVERYsellerbehavethemselves #ifonlyEVERYbuyerisacloneofyou #thenwedontneedCASE #kesian #free’emtodobetterthings #worldpeace🌎☮️
🤔 💭 Can You Wear A 🌃 Nightgown, during th Day?? OF th course ~ Cannnn!! Nightgown themed ~ Pair it w/denim, spag or tank tops or any plain tee over it! 😉

Negotiator | Big 👄 | Long hair ➡️ Bingo!

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Recently shared w/my pole babes & X ~ somewhat interesting to note certain “UNUSUAL CHARACTERISTICS” HAHA readin’ my profile type #2 (based on your UC #) from th below video- & LOLedddd!! 😂😂

[1] A Negotiator ☮️ ( iNNER Voice: yes i invented a word called “cham-siong-able” – my teammates will know& laugh 😉 & throughout this C-19 pandemic, iam more determined to develop my ability to “cham-siong” further!!!!
Actually liFe is all about NEGOTIATION ~ dun think of winning, can meet half-way very good liao ~ becoz the essence is: you muz TRY TO REACH half-way FIRST then …. … hahahaha okie it’s up to individual to fill in th blanks 😽🙃)

[2] Mostly have a bigger mouth 👄 size!!🙊

[3] Mostly keep long hair ☺️

[4] 💯% original🤘

[5] ANTI-silicon/botox/plastic surgery 😎
Th founder shared some highlights on UC #2, #4, #6 & #8。It’s also said these profiling of personality types are at least 90% accurate 😽。*winks*
SO What is your UC 🔢??
Some Things Neverrrr Change.. .
[iNNer voice : Sort out few pieces, dance a 2 min; like dat how to finish?? 😛🤣🤣]
#preloves #brandnewwithtags

[🆕 Stocks Arrived!] | Crop Top | Baseball ⚾ Jerseys

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🆕 STOCKs has arrived!! 🤩
🖤 FBTs, Bodysuits, Pyjamas, Mobile casings etc 🖤
This army green is cool 😎 but th cut fits petite babes better ☺️
Several enquiries on FBT shorts but this is 1st time someone asked for BRONZE 🥉 color.. . after i shared th full NIPPON 🇯🇵 color chart ~ similar to someone who wanna order black chicken soup 🍲 in white?
🤔🤔 hmm yes possible = add coconut milk 🥛

As f Bronze color, if iam not wrong, so far they have not produced any in bronze color ~ perhaps wait for th current situation to be back to new normal, then i can fly to India get th best fabric & make one piece for you.. . 😉

[Üpdatin'[ One Hairclip 🖤Many Uses

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a Simple Gray Tee 👕
Dang Dang!
How-To-Style-a-Baggy-Tee : Create a 🆕 look ~ cinch up that baggy tee 👕 with a hairclip! 🤩
ORIGINAL ~ usin’ th same hairclip
Canvas look
Amulet f Halloween 👻🎃
This X’mas🎄
*Üpdatin’ our staycays bit-by-bit.. .🧸🥳
Lying on th beautiful Barcelona beach, juz close proximity to th AMAZING W Barcelona 😻 ~ like a striking sail-like structure ~ MORE breath-taking and fantastic views of Barcelona beachfront👇https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/bcnwh-w-barcelona/

i wonder what th W stands for, other than th iconic Whatever/Whenever.. iam sure many of th W hotels worldwide have WOW-ED their guests!!!!

And yes kudos to W Singapore for being so uplifting and inclusive!! Of course, some people hold different views which is very normal only worst are those sooooooo-called high-intellectual xxxxxx who are confirmed 屁股sibei ubei癢的 leaving distasteful comments on their page.

🤔 But then, they did because obviously they lack of something, so we should do the good deed & get it for ’em (like if it’s nearing their birthdays/X’mas etc) please go get ’em a COMPASS.
Why Compass?? Coz they lack of COMPASSion ~ “Compassion goes a long way, esp in turbulent times like this.. .”
i haven’t used a hair clip for very lonnnnnnng time.. .
24 Sep 2020 (10pm) ♣️ Juz finished a Zoom 🚀class & waiting for 🥚🥚 to have dinner!!!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤

⚠️ Muz & will get back to all outstanding stuff!
Sorry & please drink more water hor🙏🙏
Hairclips, are one of the best affordable accessory ~ not only you can use it to style your HAIR,
but also clip-on long tees (to give a cool look haha), secure papers, kiap receipts, kiap your towel etc


GX5 Extreme Swing | Like a Rocketeer 🚀

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1st Sky Diving Xperience ☁️☁️
Here we go, come with me,
There’s a world out there that we should see,
Take my hand, close your eyes
With you right here, I’m a rocketeer

Relax Girls, we’ll be okie!!!! 💪💪 .

i love heights 🤩 & soooo happy to try th xtreme swing!!!! Unfortunately, i have to remove my specs due to th extreme nature of th activity。➡️ I CAN’T SEE 👀 BUT I TELL PEOPLE TO RELAC AH 😂😂

As we get prepared to be strapped into padded chairs. the 5-seater capsule is slowly pulled back to a near 90-degree angle to the ground; before being released to free fall 70m at speeds up to 150km/h leaves you swinging across the sky like a pendulum then back up and over the Singapore River。

Bfore th ride, th staff will ask who will be th PILOT 👩‍✈️
as she needs to pull th lever to release once everyone settled 🆙there. . So my babe Bel decided to take th role so she can control th drop 🎛️. We dunno th other 2️⃣ girls but they seemed alrite (at least to th blurred vision 😛)
And dang! Th swing slowly took off for its flight …。

Half-way @1:38 – i can sense th strong tensions from the other two girls, and at this poi
nt – there’s NO turning back but in order for my babe to pull the lever (or at least i think), we need to TRY TO remain calm and breathe-in-breathe-out 10000x LOL or watever but get rid of those x

[Inner voice: juz like in life,  NEGATIVITY is worse than poison so if we cant heal ’em, kill ’em ( 🤣 okie jokin’- kick ’em will do 🤫). but int this case, we are in the same ship so no matter wat we cant “leave” ’em behind ~ otherwise we will be “diao dhu” together hanging up there..and the thing about this adrenaline-pumping swing : it is bent to set your heart racing as capsule slowly accelerating up.. . awwwww]

Super uber love th thrilling ride!! Yes, the initial drop is breathtaking literally and figuratively speaking and DEFINITELY well worth doing, th only only thing is CAN IT BE LONGERRRR?? 🥳

Love th beautiful skyline (at th end) & let’s count our blessings! 🙏🙏

[🆙datin’] New Themes🎨 | Endless Bodysuit | Cosplay

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BTS ~ Behind-the-scenes

On th way to shoot location from th makeup artist’s place, hardly put ICI paint so when th make-up artist asked me what kind of makeup look i want.. 🤔.initially i replied :” Dramatic” 😎. ~ i dun belong to th looks dept so on second thought 💭💭, i guess will prolly end up looking like one of th Halloween event staff 😛 & unfortunately there’ll be NO Halloween 🚫 this year= no casting 🎃👻. So never mind, i told th artist will opt for a “Dreamy” like Smoke Gets iN Your 👀 look 🤣🙃 .. . iT took quite a while to do mine ~ i kesian th artist ~ 😁🙏🙏

BTS ~ Behind-the-scenes
Üpdatin’ 🆕 themes~ as well as th Menu bars, i finally have my own #flymetothemoonsg pose!!

👇Check out these themes templates!!👇

I wish our neighbours & their families &all th businesses (across Causeway, Batam & Thailand 🇹🇭) a speedy and sustainable economic recovery, while staying safe and well 🙏🙏。

[Inner voice : th last trip to Batam, i was queueing up to buy teh-tarik & paus bfore boarding th ferry ⛴️ from SG, there were at least three 3️⃣ people in front of me.. . I vaguely heard th staff asking th ones in front :”You going shopping? “.. etc then to me. He goes :”Youu going back home 🏠 ? “

i lowered my head & smiled & nodded.. . #i❤️batam]

ENDLESS High Cut Backless Open Crotch Bodysuit

A unique one-piece bodysuit, flaunt it this hot summer or pair it with micro-shorts! ~ #anythingyoulike #orangeisthenewblack 🍊🍊

There are three (3) colors [i.e. Black/Orange, Red/White, Black/White] but currently only this in-stock then ~ accepting POs for this one.

Video clip showing how it look like when worn 📹
#i❤️cosplay that have a #subtle #sensual side ☺️

Haven’t had a chance to shoot this yet ~ wanted to do a male characeter shoot bfore iam back to bangs 🥳

#constantreminder #staysafe

#loves #💕

Happy Birthday Malaysia 🇲🇾

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[🆙datin’] Rules of Kitchen 🖤 厨房的孙子兵法 👨‍🍳

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And NOTHING to do with recipes.. . 😛

厨房 – 比主人房重要。

厨房 – 要么散发香味😊,要么充满火药味☠️ 。

8 August 2020 | D’ Masterchef showed me How-To-Peel quail eggs f our steamboat dinner 🍽️ *winks* x2 🤤🤤
A nicely peeled quail egg ~ by D’ Masterchef 👨‍🍳
My, badly peeled one & 2️⃣ & 3️⃣🙈

🤔 Maths Q: 👇
Both Dandan & Zhenna each have a basket of 1️⃣ kg of quail eggs to peel.
Th basket weighs 400g, th net weight of th quail eggs (after peeling) is 800g。
What is th total weight of the quail eggs inside both th baskets (after both of them have peeled theirs) ??

Model answer 😎 :
Net weight of quail = 800g
Weight of basket = 400g
Total weight = (800g + 400g) x 2 = 2400g ~ 2.4kg

Real life answer 🤣🤣 :
Net weight of quail = 800g
Weight of basket = 400g
Dandan 👨‍🍳 = 800g + 400g = 1200g
Zhenna🌞 = 500g + 400g = 900g
Total weight = 1200g + 900g = 2100g ~ 2.1kg

Aug ❤️ 1st post

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💕 Sawadeekup 🙏🙏
1 Aug 2020 (Today) is Collection Day!
More tees|jerseys|flannel tops 👕👕👕👕 👔👔👔f #rework!!!!
Another wayy t wear your reworked crop tee /jersey!🥳


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So so happppy to catch-up w/my bestie! 💕
#1314cheenapolebabes #reunitedneverfeltsogoodlikethis
Süper über love th ~vibrant orange~!! 🍊🍊
Available in Red ❤️

New Location f(📸 Photoshoot)!

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👀 Soooo near my work location yet i never knew this place existed nor once stepped in here!!!!
Very tranquil & 🤔 of th concept for 📸
Collected this gorgeous Pepsi cropped jerseyy 😻😻bb& th owner took a boomerang in their iG stories dang dang!
📣📢 Special SHOUTOUT to for their uniquely sought after & MM MOST MOST IMPORTANT.. . AUTHENTIC JERSEYS
👇Check out their iG 👇


Forgot to snap a pic of th jersey, here youu go!

好满的Monday 🌞

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Mon evening view 💕
JJuz sold another black 🖤 lace bodysuit (design as below) to a 💯% super awesome buyer!!!!
Exxxtremely polite, i feel so chor-lor myself 🤣🤣🤣🤣 & of course, nothing beats to receive another compliment!!!! Thank youu ☺️🙏🙏
iN-stocks still available for Black 🖤 & possibly Off-White colors!! 🤩

👇Clickk this video link to view how-it-look when worn 👇

GE2020 | CALL OUT MY NAME! | 蟋蟀物语

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*Theory of Kitchen & Reworked Tee 👕 will be iN th next post.

And he juz asked me.. . “WHEN”?
Had a chat w/one of th dedicated Carouseller & she devoted 16 hours daily to keep up w/th trends & sales stuff. This is her full-time so i guess it’s easier (of course not easy) compared to us. But never never give up 💪💪
Paiseh I still utang outstanding a couple of enquiries and esp th FBT shorts (am gg down to th warehouse one of these days) sorry sorry.
She also shared with me about using Instagram platform (along w/Carousell), which i have a love-hate relationship with.. . While i (still) refuse to succumb to th iG algorithm, i will use this public iG account to complement my Carousell; as well as random iG stories, Chapalang posts stuff etc 🥳。
Do you own any CHECKERED 🏁 skirt?
Saw afew familiar faces 🙂🙂🙂🙂 but sorry can’t talk 🤫🤐
Wanted to üpload another pix but after some hesitation, i posted in my private IG instead.
Deeply grateful for th opportunity to be part of this, with such a great team!!!! 🙏🙏
Yes, yes okie – another i-dunno-who but gathered from my Carousell? 🙂
10 July 2020 [Fri] 23:17 : Juz came back & having my 🤤🤤dinner while watchin’ th updates.. .
It’s a great experience 🤩 to be part of this election, workin’ w/other Min.staff & learnin’ from th rest.
Sorry stopped awhile ✋
i juz scream my lungs out。。

Okie Üpdate shortly.. .
9 July 2020 [Thu] : This is my 1st time involved in Election Day Polling duties. iam
☑️ 1% nervous,
☑️ 99% honoured & excited. 🙏🙏
#GE2020 #havefaith
#allthesbestforourhome #wecandoit
Rid your body | mind | soul of those gutter, trashy, toxic stuff etc. Have faith & hope- Stay safe & sane, drink more liang-teh (Yeos have some good drinks) &
happy voting!!!!
Dandan got these crickets and the seller prepared a “special storage box” for them. To the birds,  these are their KFC value meal set 🍗 haha 🤤🤤 and the seller placed some kind of gauze underneath so by rightttt there’s no way for it to escape – but
If not for this video, Dandan don’t believe th cricket can actually make its way out!
To use  苟且偷生 is abeit insulting for these crickets actually have stronger will to live then some humans. #foodforthoughts
🙏🙏 iam both exxxxcited 🤩 & nervous 🤪
for this one 1️⃣
30 June ♣️ Sprinkled some 24K Magic tonite!
29 June 2020 ♣️ when you’ve registered for 6.45pm choreography class then realized there’s another class (another studio) of this song at 8pm #
Now i want to call out my name- wah biang oeiiii! 😬

This is such a cute piece of Tweety Bird crop top – a happy 😄 Tweety Bird until i came into its life — – and it look like an angry 😡 bulging bird on me lol 😛 — –

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