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Month: July 2019

Protected: Boohoo Bandage Bodysuit (One Shoulder) #Pink 🌸

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Pink 🌸iN th Midst oF Warzone

Bfore housework, shun bian (soon soon) at th same time but take very th lonnnng time snap pix for uploadin’ to myCarouSELL! 😛🙃
Sortin’ out my Cosplay stuff.. . & decided afew sets tat i will bring for my shoot iN Jan 2020 🤫。
Th rest i will put 🆙in myCarousell & hope to find ’em a new 🏠💖。

Protected: Chapalang Updates // Gettin’ back t CarouSELL 🦄

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Being Loved, is th Ultimate Bliss 💖

On my way back, was at the ATM and when i turned my back wantin’ to alert the guy queuing behind me that the ATM wasn’t functioning.. he said: “Can i know you?

i was stunned. He asked for my number, i shook my head & politely replied : .

He then asked: “Can i give my number to you? Actually i noticed you from juz now..”  i was stunned again errrrm.. okie he wasn’t pushy but he asked again & again whether he could give his number to me .

I felt kinda bad so i keyed in to my mobile. . then he asked softly for my number again . i replied it’s okie .. and walked off.

It takes courage to approach a stranger in public (i was wearin’ my normal ringer tee & RWDZ shorts) hmm.. Bfore i delete his number, here’s a s/shot of his WhatsApp status which i fully AGREED and thought th emoticons (somewhat) spark positive energy. [Inner voice : you seldom see a guy who put soooo many emoticons on a WhatsApp status.]

It reads: “Being Loved is th Ultimate Bliss” 

ihope you will find the ONE who’s meant for you and only you.

Love & Bein’Loved 爱与被爱。

The PERRRRFECT scene would be the one you love is the same one who loves you.

However more than often, liFe is seldom perfect & so babes remember: ALWAYs choose the ONE who loves you more. 

For someone like me who dun belong to th looks dept. (#ibelongtothheartdept ❤️), i count my blessings to have met 2 soulmates iN my life。🙏🙏

Time 🚀!! iNto th 2nd half of 2019 and i hope you will achieve your goals 💪💪 or celebrate that little steps or new milestone reached along your journey!

Take care & rem to drink lots of water🚰!!


When a Non-Singaporean commented this is a .. .

Romantic song.. . YES! haha & i dedicated this specially to my #1314cheenapolebabes! 💕

//#1314cheenapolebabes! 😍 

i created this hashtag ever since our group was formed. N i said that leavin’ this group  will be haarder than leavin’ th 369 society group LOL Because NOBODY setup a group to have someone leaving.

However, such is life and iam grateful for th group is still alive (with sooooo much ENERGY) to plan th upcoming trips to Korea / other exotic places!    

To be continued.. 

Protected: [Videö] Soulmate 🧡 My 1st Touch w th Mermaid Tail

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