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Month: February 2020

Chapalang #2/2020 – Dilemma

Wanted to go stadium 🏟️ but on 2nd/3rd thought, maybe warm-up a lil’ more 1st. 😽
这个四月,很想到 S•Z•
尤其是看到那超级无敌无边海景 🏖️⛰️🌊.. . 而且周围的朋友都还没到过哪;所以特想先到那打卡!🤩
不过现在局势较不允许,祈祷这疫情尽快过去,所有受伤的病患早日康复💪💪 ,一切早日恢复正常!🙏🙏

Protected: Chapalang #1/2020 – #machinegunpose

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iF You Could Change Something About (February).. .

What would iT be?? 🤔

Was checkin’ out some places and found this GREAT spot for outdoor photoshoot! 🙂

That reminds me, ihave not replied th great awesome photographer who took our group pix!! Paiseh sorry!!
LiFe take us to unexpected places sometimes 💕”
Or rather it’s not so much on the day but the way some couples glorified it like maciam they are 200% committed but puiiiii, come next year, it’s another name that appeared beside ‘em, on their FB, IG stories, phone screen savers etc ..
And please don’t anyhow use the term “love you to the moon & back.. when you don’t mean it” it irks me a lot esp my blog has the word “moon” so please use other like “love you to the Neptune & back” or “love you to the Jupiter & back”.

Has anyone of you everrrr wonder ?? 🤔🤔Another which I dun understand about FINE DINING – the portion served is like “jiak buay pa” one. I always wanted to bring Dandan ☺️to one where you can admire the beautiful skyline but the menu look so pathetic. I wonder why food like hor fun/prawn mee/curry chicken etc can’t be served high up there????

Is it becoz the name? well then hor fun can be named as Love Like A River (since hor fun = 河粉 in Chinese & 河 = river)
SO this is my version of FINE DINING MENU for V-Day 🤩🤤😋😋:
1) Sailing the Sea oF Love (Seafood Beehoon) or

2) Wanderer of Love (Wanton Mee)

HAHAHA I can’t help but laugh but hey we gotta make it to FINE DINING mah, wat to do rite? *winks*

Free Your Mind (Chicken Clear Soup) or

Spices of Love & Soul (Tom Yam Soup) or

Garden of Love (Mushroom Soup)

Sweet Moments in Squares (Waffles w/maple/choc syrup sprinkle w/strawberries and cut into squares)
*Every set will comes with a plate of complimentary “You are my Destiny in Snow Flakes” (Oatmeal Cereal Butter Prawns)
iwas looking at this year’s calendar and it struck me in thoughts this year is a leap year.

A leap year is a calendar year that contains an additional day added to keep the calendar year synchronized w/ the astronomical or seasonal year.
A person born on February 29 may be called a “leapling”, a “leaper” or a “leap-year baby”。

How do they celebrate their birthdays on NON-LEAP years? – They will celebrate either on 28 Feb or 1 Mar.
For legal matters – they have to do it on 1 Mar and not 28 Feb.
We have probably never imagine not seeing our “birth date” on calendars. Leap year babies have to “tom-pang” other people’ birthday eg. 28 Feb or 1 Mar on non-leap years.
So far, no one I know of is a leap year baby but I wonder any of my followers are born on the leap year??
For the leap year babies, you must know YOU COMPLETE US.
This is a note << Link to full article >> by a primary school girl. She asked her principal if she could eat a cake on 28 Feb as she’s a leap year baby. The principal and her whole class celebrated for her and with this:
And instead of *celebrating* or *hating* Valentine Day on every 14 Feb, why not:
For the non-leap years: 14 Feb – declared it as a birthday for all the “leap year babies“ around the world

For the leap year: 14 Feb – Valentine’s Day for everyone

So it means we celebrate V-Day every 4th year (heng ah lol) and that would be more meaningful, rite? After all. Isn’t relationship supposed to last > 4/8/12/16/20 years?

Available at myCarouSELL!! 🤩👉

情人节 💙 • 清明节💣

13 Feb 2020 : Settin’ th trend for 2020 haha! 😎
讲真的,只要我们不弄我们的 partner du-lan (DL)的话;其实每天都是情人节 💕。
#珍惜眼前人 <<对不起>>

<Edited – so you get th drift>
借问酒家何处有?旁人遥指 <

[🆙datin’] NEW Uniform!

Finally, this is the full version of Mr Redwan Ali’s Bitter Love
@2:38 – you can hear TCS artiste, Jacelyn Tay’s voice = th song is recorded directly from th TV episode, despite petition to MediaCorp for Mr Redwan Ali to release an album.etc.
🤔 : What happens when you need to wear many hats in-between th day??
很多说法是 :行为间接影响态度 – 但我却认为:“态度决定一切。“

所以,你对某件事 的态度也会影响你对之处理的行为。 乐观的人 《 包括从鬼门关重生的  》的心态极为重要,面临攸关时,告诉自己:“这个坎,始终会过去的。”

I do not have Paylah! PayNow, currently only have PayMeLater or PayMeNextTime 😂 so at times it can be quite inconvenient

But .. . With PayPal, you
Click to create a PayPal account (if you haven’t) 👇
When you have t rush straight to th stadium 🏟️ after work, what would you put inyour bag 👜??
UP 👆in my Carousell 🎠🔜!!

[🆙datin’]🆕 Hotel Staycation in JB!

*🆙datin’ th Blog Menu bars.. .

Blessed with superb location (juz minutes away from JB customs), this newly opened hotel is one good choice to consider for a staycation across th Causeway.

Quick Fact :
Hotel size : 316 rooms [39 floors]
Other than th normal basic amenities, these are some good home comforts to have 🙂
• Iron/ironing board
• Microwave
• Laundry service
• Cooking facilities

[🆓Shuttle Buses!] ↙️
Johor Bahru City Square – 19 min walk
KSL City Mall – 32 min walk
Komtar JBCC – 24 min walk
R&F Mall – 12 min walk
*Mid Valley Mall

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