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Month: March 2020

#anysong #我不会爱

29 March (Sun) : #kimono👘 📸
21 March (Sat) : Supposed to be a #1314cheenapolebabes group shoot but last min changes… . But th awesome 👍👍👍👍photographer & myself agreed it’s a blessing iN disguise 。
I learnt from him it’s important to have a concept then how to link 🔗up.
These are juz random ones from his mobile phone, waitin’ for th actual cam pix!!!!
A very nice piece by Jam Hsiao 💕
🆕!!!! Tryin’ out th chain⛓️.. . ☺️
Random us bfore my 📸 shoot ha 😃
Never Never Ever Give 🆙 💪💪

[Trial] My Short X 🔛 Paid Channel

Th idea of getting paid through such channels is kinda “shady”okie so here’s a short 15mins。

Maybe being an Asian, so to these 洋鬼子, Asians are appealing to ’em as.exotic & submissive.. .

Unfortunately for someone (like me) who’s #anti洋鬼子,
I feel like it’s quite dangerous for THEM, yes for THEM esp those who wanted to come to Singapore bcoz  我很想揍它们。
[iNNer voice: Honestly, 不用por这些死老外的 LP。他X的,他们没来过Asia 或中国, XXXX]
A lil’ chubbier back then.. . ☺️
Actually i have made th settings of this blog site unsearchable so iam quite touched 🙏 to receive these messages from time to time ☺️。
Tomorrow 🎬 : packin’ th stuff &
D’ scrub i ordered haven’t arrived so either make-do w/th above f tmrw OR dressed iN man’s suit (something i have always wanted t try & more bodysuits bfore i upload them w/th rest)

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