1st Sky Diving Xperience ☁️☁️
Here we go, come with me,
There’s a world out there that we should see,
Take my hand, close your eyes
With you right here, I’m a rocketeer

Relax Girls, we’ll be okie!!!! 💪💪 .

i love heights 🤩 & soooo happy to try th xtreme swing!!!! Unfortunately, i have to remove my specs due to th extreme nature of th activity。➡️ I CAN’T SEE 👀 BUT I TELL PEOPLE TO RELAC AH 😂😂

As we get prepared to be strapped into padded chairs. the 5-seater capsule is slowly pulled back to a near 90-degree angle to the ground; before being released to free fall 70m at speeds up to 150km/h leaves you swinging across the sky like a pendulum then back up and over the Singapore River。

Bfore th ride, th staff will ask who will be th PILOT 👩‍✈️
as she needs to pull th lever to release once everyone settled 🆙there. . So my babe Bel decided to take th role so she can control th drop 🎛️. We dunno th other 2️⃣ girls but they seemed alrite (at least to th blurred vision 😛)
And dang! Th swing slowly took off for its flight …。

Half-way @1:38 – i can sense th strong tensions from the other two girls, and at this poi
nt – there’s NO turning back but in order for my babe to pull the lever (or at least i think), we need to TRY TO remain calm and breathe-in-breathe-out 10000x LOL or watever but get rid of those x

[Inner voice: juz like in life,  NEGATIVITY is worse than poison so if we cant heal ’em, kill ’em ( 🤣 okie jokin’- kick ’em will do 🤫). but int this case, we are in the same ship so no matter wat we cant “leave” ’em behind ~ otherwise we will be “diao dhu” together hanging up there..and the thing about this adrenaline-pumping swing : it is bent to set your heart racing as capsule slowly accelerating up.. . awwwww]

Super uber love th thrilling ride!! Yes, the initial drop is breathtaking literally and figuratively speaking and DEFINITELY well worth doing, th only only thing is CAN IT BE LONGERRRR?? 🥳

Love th beautiful skyline (at th end) & let’s count our blessings! 🙏🙏