iMages that <often> come to your mind at th mention of Suit & Tie
However.. 🤔🤔 don’t you find it a lil’ weird or rather something’s missing??
Becoz honestly, how many people are like in real life?

Was shopping for some shirts for Dandan recently *grins* and felt something was not quite right or rather something is missing in the midst of the not-so-many-shoppers crowd, the fanciful male mannequins etc.. . Then i realized.. .

…. …

… ..

.. .
Yessss!!!! Dang Dang, this is iT!! 😻😻

Now we know & HATE skinny mannequins becoz WHO TH HELL CAN EVERRRR fit into dat kind of idealized body shape?? iF 一種米養百種人的話,that means 我們會有很多不一樣的 body shapes leh:


ANd seriously aside from aesthetical reasons, stores should also have (different) mannequins to showcase how their products will look ~
iNNer Voice: “Don’t go for a guy with six pack abs, bcoz often (90%) six-pack-abs guys zxx-bx-lxx <做沒有鳥的> one, worst you’ll realize SIX DOZEN BOXES of tissues are aint enough for you to wipe your tears.。 。”
LiFE is short, thus choose NOT th 6️⃣-pac ONE;
but th BELLY RiGHT ONE 💕
SHoot this iN the early mornin’ like 7am so how-to-LOVE-&-AVOID-th-harsh-sunlight?

Th 🆕 definition of Suit & Tie, thou a black 🖤 l/s top would seem better ~ nvm will snap a pix next time when i wear iT 😀


Met up w/this really nice buyer 👍👍👍👍 & iam deeply humbled whenever they shared their xperiences (good one please ah lol 😛) + read this Chapalang blog as well haha ☺️
Thank youu very much for your support!! 😽🙏🙏
Another review from a super nice babe who has purchased three 3️⃣ times from me!!!! 🤩 #thouwehavenevermet #ifonlyEVERYsellerbehavethemselves #ifonlyEVERYbuyerisacloneofyou #thenwedontneedCASE #kesian #free’emtodobetterthings #worldpeace🌎☮️
🤔 💭 Can You Wear A 🌃 Nightgown, during th Day?? OF th course ~ Cannnn!! Nightgown themed ~ Pair it w/denim, spag or tank tops or any plain tee over it! 😉