Waiting for my ladder – wings – rack – mini sofas to arrive.. .
Th Baroque Mirror • Didnt realize there were ants around th corner – feedbacked to th supplier and they asked me to dispose it while they would send me a new piece. Meantime, i used this 👇
The white chalk (as seen in the above video) – very effective for killin’ ants!

It was past midnite when this clip was playing while i was preparing supper.. I didn’t give much thought at first but wow.. . bfore i knew it i finished th whole clip and all i can say:” this is amazing okie you gotta watch iT!” There are several takeaways (for me) from this clip when i re-watched it ~ an amazing feelin’ thus i muz share & for those who wanna skip th history, you can start from @9:00 &

With this clip, i wish YOU & your family a great & blessed year ahead! Have lotsa energy to pursue your dreams & yes, may you make many moves like move #37 [a totally unexpected & special move], a move where many might not understand but hang on & DO NOT GIVE UP, and in the end it turns out to be the most beautiful move you have everrrrr made! Okie and last but not least, remember drink lotsa water! 💕