Ω From BegiNNing to N♥W.. . Ω

2019: A short clip of my random dance moves

Tetaplah Di hatiku
June 2019: Heard this beautiful piece iN Batam & can’t get it out of my 🗣️
A Beautiful Song (Bazzi) ~ NOwadays while many pop songs are popular but yet seem hollow /meaningless.. this one makes you feel maciam "you are in your own or another world kind of feelin'- a perfect moment that is".

The story behind: this song was meant to be a freestyle as quoted by th singer: "I just want something to post on Instagram, like, I don't care, I'm just gonna throw something up today." iT taught him to follow his spontaneous impulses and to "care a little bit less and have a little more fun." This journey eventually led him to the ultimate destination of the track being a beautiful collaboration with Camila.. .

Inner voice: Sometimes in liFe, we juz gotta follow our impulses (no harm). You never know where it leads you to.. :)

I first heard this song at a pushcart stall in Bugis Junction and was very captivated.. . thus a random freestyle to th chorus part! ha :P
One of my fav by Jay Chou!
I call this "Sawadeepkup" pose :D
Spot TWO of my nemesis pole moves (when i started Pole) iN th above video:
  • Layback
  • Elbow Stand
“My kind of theories are more then often, unconventional.”

Advance Pole Move ♠ DVD Cover

D’last part in my dream choreo would be➡️  doin’ DVD cover to my All-Time Favourite Song 🎶

Recently one of my workmate also started POLE!! YAY~!! 
*shaking butt* and Guys too!! 
I received a few emails/PMs from you guys either about learning or more about Pole & thought to have a separate tab here. 
The MOST commonly-asked-questions :
SO here is a short random combo (in all good T-shirt  & shorts) for the Beginners. Do try it & let me know how you progress :)
Snippets of Pole Moments [from 7 inches - 8 inches]